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PMSPHERE is the market leader in Product Management and Customer Success, for over 10 years.

Our innovative approach combines deep hands-on experience, with state-of-the art methodology and best practices, which we apply in both our Courses and Consulting services.

Our customers are top leading hi-tech companies in: Cyber, Healthcare, Fintech. Gaming, SaaS, e-Commerce, and more.
We are proud of our growing community of 12,000 Leaders and Executives.

  • Osnat Niv-Assa אסנת ניב-אסא

    Osnat Niv Assa

  • Ruti Shneorson רותי שניאורסון

    Ruti Shneorson

PMSPHERE is managed by Osnat Niv-Assa and Ruti Shneorson. Both highly experienced leaders, with strong
technical background, and a true passion to help companies and individuals grow their business.

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