User Stories That Work

Requirements Excellence Workshop

2 Days Workshop for Teams


Learn how to streamline the Product and R&D requirements process

For Agile and non-Agile teams:
Step by step training on the professional process of User Stories and Requirements.


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  1. Requirements Excellence Process
  2. From Complex Features to Small User Stories
  3. Solutions vs. Problems
  4. Product - R&D best practices
  5. PRD, MRD, User Stories and Epics
  6. Working towards Business Goals
  7. High-Level Requirements
  8. Effort Estimations
  9. Non-Functional Requirements
  10. Product Owner, Product Manager
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Our Training Approach

  • Workshop for Teams Your entire team can join
    up to 9 participants

  • Customized to your Needs Agenda, case studies, dates - set
    to fit your domain and team

  • New Trends Catch-up with the most updated methods and trends

  • Practical Methods That you can implement right away


It’s perfect for: teams of Product Owners, Product Managers, and R&D, that wish to streamline their requirements process.


Osnat Niv-Assa אסנת ניב-אסא

Osnat Niv Assa

Osnat Niv-Assa אסנת ניב-אסא

Osnat Niv Assa

Osnat is a well recognized Mentor and Instructor. She has empowered dozens of executives, PMs and CSMs, in making a big leap in their products, business and career. Her deep experience and true passion is in resolving real challenges, companies face with their customers and products. Osnat has been consulting to leading companies and startups, such as: Payoneer, Medtronic, JFrog, Afimilk, Ctera, Pick a Pier, Insoundz, Visitt, and more.

Ruti Shneorson רותי שניאורסון

Ruti Shneorson

Ruti Shneorson רותי שניאורסון

Ruti Shneorson

Ruti is a leading instructor, with strong technical background, and 15+ years of experience in leading products successfully. Her outstanding ability to quickly understand complex problems and to identify true needs, enables her to bring immediate business value, that makes an impact. As a product-success expert, Ruti has been consulting various companies including: Run:ai, Applitools, Cognyte, Labguru, five sigma, Paragon and more.


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